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Sassy Little Observations

on Life, Lust and Lechery

Georgia Italic is a delicate font and takes inspiration from calligraphy. Use it to emphasize small sections of text in paragraphs.

We can immortalize, glorify and canonize,

but irk us and we are just as easily

able to eviscerate you with a

single blow of the pen

where you will remain

wretchedly exposed for all eternity.

© 2018 Virginia Alison


I never feel the need to make a man jealous in

retribution for his infidelity.

I simply pick up the wine and find a new taster.

© 2018 Virginia Alison


The silence of a wounded soul

roars louder than any tempest.

© 2018 Virginia Alison


If you are not appetizers,

main course

and dessert,

you are

dating the wrong diner.

© 2018 Virginia Alison


There is music on the wind, listen carefully,

it plays for you.

© 2018 Virginia Alison


Ten seconds is the distance

between silence and a smile.

© 2018 Virginia Alison


You will find me

where a mere whispered caress

tingles across your tongue.

© 2018 Virginia Alison


She did not care where he was or

how she was going to find him, all she knew

was the reward would be worth it...

However, alive, kicking,

and raring to go would be preferable.

© 2018 Virginia Alison


all I need is to get a grip on my life,

one step at a time,

although the odd wild and tempestuous leap,

 more than occasionally,

makes life interesting.

© 2018 Virginia Alison


He may be a nobody to you

but he is a

somebody to me.

© 2018 Virginia Alison


It's not the lies he tells,

it's the seductive way

in which he persuades you

they are not true.

© 2018 Virginia Alison

My soul has always been here,

waiting silently for that fleeting touch,

 knowing home resides

within our timeless desire.

© 2018 Virginia Alison

feather body.jpg

Only public opinion

precludes you from

licking your food from the table.

© 2018 Virginia Alison


Lightning crackles malevolently

in the wake of her wrath

yet, for all the tangled mess

woman brings to man,

her capacity for love overshadows

the stars.

In her glory,

she is the divine Goddess.

© 2018 Virginia Alison


If I had wanted to be a pawn in a game,

I would have taken up chess.

© 2018 Virginia Alison


Taking time to slither from the tight,

Figure-hugging dress,

she glanced at him sitting in the chair,

 nonchalantly feigning disinterest,

and turned towards the bedroom.

Would he have the courage to follow

and be swallowed by the already

inflamed desires of the sultry night?

© 2018 Virginia Alison


Fly high with her


push her against a wall,

set her feet on the ground

and take her like you mean it.

© 2018 Virginia Alison


Women have strong roots

that reach deep into the earth.

Entwined with Mother Nature herself,

 They allow us to grow

even in the desert's arid soil.

Never mistake us for delicate little flowers,

 floundering in a sea of self doubt.

However, when you pluck us,

ensure you have somewhere to plant us.

© 2018 Virginia Alison


Do not fear the fire within you,

burning brighter than any star

it attracts only those whose flame

feeds off the very air that you breathe.

Let passion be the inferno

that engulfs your soul.

© 2018 Virginia Alison


Unwrap me

with all the verve of a new gift...

After all, it is not every day

I have enough clothes on to be


© 2018 Virginia Alison

colour bow.jpg

My storm is my own...

Enter if you dare.


bear in mind

that the tempest of desire is

fraught with unpredictability

from the highest peaks

to the depths of the abyss.

Do not expect a smooth ride,

but expect a true and passionate one.

© 2018 Virginia Alison


Slowly, slipping the nylon from the

final clip on the suspender belt,

she bent over and slid the stocking

down her leg,

revealing the stark white skin beneath

that always seemed steeped in sexual


It was, after all,

only a stocking,

or was it?


When you travel,

the battered old suitcase

only tells half the story.

© 2018 Virginia Alison


Perfect yourself only because you

strive to attain your own perfection...

After all, the eye of the

beholder may be flawed.

© 2018 Virginia Alison


Her life was no more than a sunset,

which had been ravaged

by thunderous clouds

that had yet again,

threatened to destroy the possibility of

heaven on earth.

© 2018 Virginia Alison


There was never a time when,

on licking his lips,

she was far from his thoughts.

It must have been her delicate taste,

 lingering salaciously on his tongue.

© 2018 Virginia Alison